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Alischa Kilburg9_edited.jpg

Contemporary witnesses

A series of photos of facades and house walls was the inspiration for the collection. The unique pieces in a series are about returning to the original state of an object. We try to get ahead of time, mend things that are broken or faded, and respond to these changes as amateur crafters. We may come close to achieving the original condition, but we are always a touch off- in choice of color, material or form. The observation in the exterior and the application of the theme to ceramic objects found in the interior of a house should show the subtle sense of the subject. We clearly want to preserve something. Contemporary Witnesses shows that we cannot escape time and the changes it brings.

Alischa Kilburg7.JPG

Ceramics and synthetic fibers

Broken ceramic objects were supplemented with synthetic materials.


Porto, Portugal, 2017

wall of house_edited.jpg

Porto, Portugal, 2017

Alischa Kilburg19.jpg

Ceramics and glass powder

The glass was removed by sandblasting the objects. Right side: A new structure was created by glass powder.


Ceramic and glass pieces

A plaster mold was filled with pieces of glass. The ceramic object was placed inside so that the heat in the kiln could bond the glaze and glass pieces.

Alischa Kilburg6.JPG

Ceramic and glass powder/ Ceramic and glass pieces

Left: The jar was painted with glass powder and later fired in the kiln. Right: The object was placed upside down in the kiln and a flat piece of glass was placed over it to fit the shape of the jar.

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