There is more than just what's in front of us.

Alischa Kilburg is a Duesseldorf based artist and designer. Her projects mostly include reused materials in order to create something new and to give existing resources or objects a new identity. Her works are both strong in colour and material. Alischa's aim is it to reach the viewer by make him not only see but also strongly perceive this world with a conscious eye and mind. Her projects are inspired by daily life, humanity, social issues or environmentalism. She mostly translates the moods that surround her into objects, products, jewelry and clothing of different materials.


Alischa Kilburg graduated in 2016 from University of Applied Sciences Trier in Fashion Design. She wanted to dive deeper into materials, colours and forms. That's why she studied Applied Art and Design/ New Craft Object Design at University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf where she graduated in October 2020.