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Alischa Kilburg is a Berlin based multidisciplinary creator whose work is located between art and design.

With her sensitive eye, she constantly goes beneath the surface of social and interpersonal topics. She is concerned with the perception of what is not visible by just seeing. The search for refuge in the form of a protected space resonates in her work, always guided by an inner compass. She plays with the familiar and opens our eyes to the so called different.

The question of which traces we leave in this world represents an important context for her artistic work, both in relation to the dramatic development of resource exploitation and in a subtle sense. Therefore, the goal of her projects is to bring already existing or supposedly worthless materials back into circulation and give them a new shape and meaning.


Her work ranges from research projects in surface and object to sculpture and installation. Her artistic expression is predominantly determined by color, material and form and their resonance with each other. She deals with different materials and their appearance. Conventional craft is supplemented with experimental techniques to explore the limits of material processing.


07/2022   Talente, IHM München

09/2021   K*WERK Show-off!, Düsseldorf

09/2021   Schaufenster-Ausstellung, Friedrich2468, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

08/2021   Strange Music Festival, Düsseldorf

05/2021   „Freibad“, NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf

11/2020   Selected Graduate, Klimt02, Barcelona

10/2020   „Meisterinnen“, Köln

11/2018   Galerie Agnes Raben, Leiden

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